New Chart & Analyze View

In today’s blog, I’m excited to delve into the latest feature of NinjaSpread – an innovative Chart and Analyze view that is changing the way we look at financial markets. NinjaSpread has always been a powerful tool for traders, and with this new addition, it’s taking trading analysis to the next level.

What’s New in NinjaSpread?

The recent update in NinjaSpread introduces a more advanced chart view and a brand-new analyze view. This enhancement is specifically designed for traders who focus on option spread trading, offering a detailed and more intuitive way to analyze these trades.

1. Advanced Chart View

The chart view segregates data effectively. Initially, you see the ticker and its results, for instance, IBM. What’s nifty is that as you scroll down, you encounter the IBM Trading View chart. This integration means you can view the chart alongside the table results – a significant upgrade for efficiency. The same goes for the rest of the other stocks in your result set, complete with daily charts.

The ability to zoom in and out on these charts, as you would typically do on Trading View, adds an extra layer of convenience to your analysis process.

2. Enhanced Analyze View

Clicking on the analyze view brings up all the results with the risk graph of every strategy. Take, for example, the Ford calendar spread in the video below you can see its risk graph and, by moving your mouse, explore different dates and expirations, such as January 16, January 24, February 1st, and so forth. This feature allows you to see the expiration P&L and daily P&Ls for specific dates, providing a comprehensive view of your risk exposure.

3. Seamless Transition Between Views

What’s impressive about NinjaSpread’s new feature is the fluidity with which you can switch between table view, chart view, and analyze view. This flexibility is crucial for traders who need to quickly assess different strategies and market conditions.

4. Analysis for Individual Strategies

If you’re interested in analyzing a particular strategy, like Google’s, you can click on specific icons to bring up the Trading View chart or the risk graph for that strategy alone. This focused approach is particularly useful when you’re zeroing in on specific trading opportunities.

Video walkthrough

Final Thoughts

NinjaSpread’s new Chart and Analyze view is a game-changer for traders specializing in option spread trading. The ease of use, combined with the depth of analysis it offers, makes it an invaluable tool in your trading arsenal. As always, NinjaSpread continues to push the boundaries, making complex trading strategies more accessible and manageable.

I encourage you to try out this new feature and see how it enhances your trading experience. As always, your feedback is crucial, so let us know your thoughts on this update.

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These new features underscore NinjaSpread’s commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly tools for options spread scanning. By giving traders the ability to tailor their strategies according to their risk tolerance and market expectations, NinjaSpread continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge solutions for options trading.

The update is now live, and we encourage all traders, whether seasoned or new, to explore these features and see how they can enhance their trading experience. With NinjaSpread, the power to manage your options spreads is literally at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NinjaSpread as we continue to enhance our platform to better serve the needs of our trading community.

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