Discover the best option spread ideas in the market.

NinjaSpread is a powerful tool that enables traders to identify and capitalize on profitable option spread opportunities. Utilizing advanced monitoring and alert features, it keeps users informed of potential trades, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies.


Find the best opportunities quickly​

Find the best opportunities quickly

NinjaSpread simplifies the process of identifying profitable option spread trades by using its highly efficient algorithms to analyze risk/reward and probability of success. This eliminates the need for manual spread analysis, building spread combinations and selecting expiration dates, allowing traders to focus on executing profitable trades.

One stock or universe of stocks

NinjaSpread allows you to search for optimal spread setups across a single stock, a selection of stocks, or the entire universe of stocks that it tracks. With its various scans, such as the Calendar scan, you can quickly and easily find the stocks with the highest Implied Volatility skew, among other criteria, to help you make informed trades.

Monitor & alert​

Monitor & alert

With NinjaSpread, you can customize your spread scans to suit your specific criteria. For example, you can set a scan to alert you when a 50-point wide SPX butterfly spread with an expiration between 20-30 days, a front delta between 20-40, a reward-risk ratio of 10:1 and a price less than $100 becomes available. The tool will continuously monitor the market and notify you as soon as a spread meeting your criteria is identified.

Earnings scanner


The Calendar scanner in NinjaSpread makes it effortless to locate outstanding Implied Volatility skew opportunities, such as those that occur around earnings or other periods when IV skew is elevated. Additionally, the tool can alert you when high IV skew readings are detected in any of the stocks it tracks. Through historical earnings data, you can also view the post-earnings movement of each stock for the past three years.

Earnings scanner​

Target scanner

NinjaSpread makes it simple to select the most profitable spread combinations by building various spreads that will reach maximum profits when your target price is reached at expiration. This allows you to easily identify the best spread to choose for a specific scenario after analyzing a stock and setting a target price.

Save time

NinjaSpread can greatly reduce the time you spend searching for trading opportunities by automating the process of evaluating different spread combinations based on strike differences, expiration date, and other factors. Instead of manually trying different combinations, you can set up scans and run them whenever you are ready to trade. If you are short on time, you can also enable alerts for any scans, and NinjaSpread will notify you when it finds a trade that meets your criteria.

Save time​
Tradier is integrated​

Tradier is integrated

Once you have identified the desired option spread, NinjaSpread makes it easy to execute the trade by allowing you to seamlessly send the order to the Tradier web frontend. The tool will automatically pre-populate the order ticket, allowing you to review the details and price before submitting the order. It is important to note that only you have the authority to submit the order and not NinjaSpread.

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